Supercharge your prospecting with an AI-driven Customer Data Platform

Learna captures insights across your sales and customer engagements giving you the right data and direction to sell better.

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Transform your Sales & Marketing
Strategy with Customer Intelligence

Learna AI processes multi-channel first-party customer data, enriches it with third-party data sources, and uncovers actionable insights to help you better understand customer needs, generate demand from the right prospects, and close deals faster.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Target the right prospects with the right message at the right time using Learna's AI generated look-alike models.

Faster Go-to-Market

Build internal understanding around your customer goals, pain points and objectives in minutes. No more time wasted trying to piece together fragmented data.

Improve Sales Conversions

Stop listening to sales calls. Learna analyzes sales conversations and extracts all the insights you need for better decision making.

Enhance Sales & Marketing

Speedily Identify Potential Customers

Access key insights across every customer interaction with your sales and customer success teams to form a single customer view of your customer goals, pain points and needs

Insights for smarter lead generation
  • Tap into 100million+ company profiles on Learna with powerful look-alike models that analyze the best customers in your CRM to help you spend less time identifying high-fit prospects.

  • Leverage auto-generated insights to build confidence in your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP's) for hyper-personalized outreaches.

Accelerate your Buyer Journey

Identify potential customers swiftly with Learna's capabilities. Our platform captures and enriches first-party customer data across numerous channels, supplements it with comprehensive third-party sources, and employs advanced generative AI to distill actionable insights for an impactful sales approach.

Connect your Revenue Teams

Learna supports crucial business units, including Customer Success, Sales Enablement, Sales Ops, Product, and Marketing.

  • Maintain seamless engagement across multiple client conversations

  • Ensure a smooth transition from marketing generated leads to sales prospects

Discover the Smarter Way to Prospect with Learna

Learna is differentiated by being one of the few tools designed to bridge the gaps between sales & marketing teams.

Real-time access to customer's insights
  • Learna identifies pain points, needs and objections from client interactions and makes these insights available in real-time.

See what's possible?
Seamless Integrations

Plug into Data Tools in Few Clicks

  • Easily incorporate Learna into your CRM with just a few clicks, fostering a two-way data flow.

  • Connect with other data sources to enhance your insights and empower smarter decision-making.

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